US government sanctions Myanmar coup leaders

The protest in Burma has yielded some good fruits for the demonstrators as Us sanction coup plotters. The sanctions cover families, friends, and business associates. 

President Joe Biden sanctions Myanmar military leaders

American president, Mr. Joe Biden, has given the go-ahead to impose severe economic sanctions on top leaders of the Burma coup. These sanctions will affect top military generals, their families, friends, and other business associates. The government has also taken steps to block the military accounts about $2 billion in various US banks. 

These measures were necessitated as videos show a woman who died during the protests in Myanmar's major Pyi Taw city. Many injured citizens can be seen carried into hospitals that have already been overwhelmed by COVID-19. The police have progressed from using water cannons to batons and yesterday's videos show them using rubber bullets and live rounds. 

Since last week, thousands have come out massively for demonstrations against the coup, which removed leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other NLD leaders. The military has banned public gatherings and any form of protests; however, the crowd has refused to back down in the face of brute force and oppression. 

Democracy must return to Burma for peace to reign - White House 

President Joe Biden has said the coup should be scrapped, and Democratic leaders should be freed immediately.

'' Burmese citizens want their voices heard and are demanding a return to democracy, which is the right thing to do. '' He said.

'' As all manners of demonstrations grow, those using undemocratic ways to quash peaceful demonstrations should be called out,'' he added. 

He said his government would look at crucial sanctions that can hurt the army. Also, some of these military generals have been blacklisted over inhuman acts against the Rohingya tribe. 

'' We will be freezing bank accounts and blocking assets that are owned by the Burmese leaders while continuing to help the Burmese people in health and other essential services. ''